Big Data Analytics in Astronomy

From fundamental research on the most energetic events in the universe to the search for asteroids that may one day impact the Earth, the science of the next decade will be driven by data. Our ability to make scientific breakthroughs will…


DiRAC brings together researchers from Astrophysics, Computer Science & Engineering, Statistics, and other key disciplines to develop algorithms and infrastructure to process, analyze, and understand the science and questions arising from major astronomical imaging telescopes (e.g. LSST, MWA, SKA, Advanced…


DiRAC is creating an environment where scientists can harness interdisciplinary expertise to solve some of the most difficult questions facing Astronomy today. It  provides an interaction space between Astrophysics, Computer Science, Statistics, and other disciplines. It is a place where ideas…

Talks & News

Astronomers Thrill at Giant Comet Flying into Our Solar System

By Jonathan O’Callaghan on June 30, 2021 Read the full article in Scientific American. The comet is also a taste of what is to come in the near future of solar system astronomy. In October 2023 a new telescope in Chile called the Vera…

Asteroids in the inner solar system by Dr. Sarah Greenstreet

Observations and computer simulations of their orbits and interactions with planets yield insights into the asteroids’ dynamic lives. People tend to think of the solar system as a static environment, in which the orbits of the planets, asteroids, and comets…

Asteroid Day LIVE 2021

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Letter From the Director

As we come to a close of a challenging but scientifically exciting academic year, I’m delighted to share in this newsletter some of the work and discoveries made by DiRAC researchers over the past months. We start with a profile…

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DiRAC & Astronomy on Tap Seattle Present: ASTRONOMY AT HOME

Join us again on Sep, 22, 2021! All past talks are available on the DiRAC YouTube channel

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List of publications

ADS link features recently published papers by DIRAC researchers.

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