2017-12-13 Brown Bag: R. Michael Rich, UCLA

When: December 13, 2017 @12:00-1:00pm 
Where: B305 (PAB)

The Halos and Environments of Nearby Galaxies (HERON) survey

We have used a dedicated 0.7m telescope to image 123 galaxies in the Local Volume
to ~ 30 mag/sq arcsec. We find a broad correlation between luminosity and halo diameter.
Spiral and lenticular galaxies have similar halo diameters, while the largest halos
(~100 kpc diameter) are found in elliptical galaxies.  Extreme interactions are found
throughout the color-magnitude diagram, but most prominently in the blue cloud. It is also
likely that no meaningful constraints on halo mass for face-on disk galaxies can be gleaned
low surface brightness imaging. Related interesting problems, such as tidally disrupting
dwarfs, low level star formation near elliptical galaxies, and interactions in Hickson compact
groups, will be presented.