Visitors: R. Michael Rich, UCLA

December 13th-15th, 2017. 
Michael Rich is research astronomer at the UCLA. He works on the subject of “Galactic archeology” – the ages, chemistry, kinematics, and structure of stellar populations at the present epoch (the “fossil record”) as a constraint and primary source of information on theories of galaxy formation and evolution. I use data from Keck and HST to address these programs. These data are complementary to the inferences drawn by study of the distant Universe; a successful theory of galaxy formation/evolution must satisfy constraints from both the fossil record and the distant Universe. My participation in the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) science team has opened up a new subject area, galaxy evolution from z=0 to 1. I am PI of the BRAVA and Blanco DECam Bulge Survey programs, and operate a special purpose 0.7m telescope to study low surface brightness dwarfs and halos around nearby galaxies.