2018-02-14 Brown Bag: Eddie Schlafly, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

When: February 14, 2018 @ 2:00-3:00pm 
Where: PAB, WRF Data Science Studio, Seminar Room, 6th floor

The DECam Plane Survey: Optical Photometry of Two Billion Objects in the Southern Galactic PlaneThe DECam

Plane Survey is a five-band optical and near-infrared survey of the southern Galactic plane with the Dark Energy Camera at Cerro Tololo. The survey is designed to reach past the main-sequence turn-off of old populations at the distance of the Galactic center through a reddening E(B − V ) of 1.5 mag. Typical single-exposure depths are 23.7, 22.8, 22.3, 21.9, and 21.0 mag (AB) in the grizY bands, with seeing around 1″. The footprint covers the Galactic plane with |b| < 4 degrees, 5 degrees > l > −120 degrees. The survey pipeline simultaneously solves for the positions and fluxes of tens of thousands of sources in each image, delivering positions and fluxes of roughly two billion stars with better than 10 mmag precision. Most of these objects are highly reddened and deep in the Galactic disk, probing the structure and properties of the Milky Way and its interstellar medium. The fully processed images and derived catalogs are publicly available.

Read more about Eddie here.

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