DiRAC & Astronomy on Tap Seattle Present: ASTRONOMY AT HOME

Join us for an evening with an astronomer and participate in talks and live conversations about topics that vary from searching for the most mysterious stars in our Galaxy to the Starlink satellites changing our view to the night sky!

UW astronomers will talk about their work and latest discoveries. Astronomy at Home talks are for everyone: astronomy enthusiasts, students, and all who are curious and interested in astronomy and data science in astronomy. The talks will be 20 minutes in length with plenty of time for Q&A. All talks are streamed on YouTube and you can join for live discussion via Zoom.

Join us again in September 2021 for more talks!

Past live streams can be viewed on DiRAC YouTube channel https://dirac.us/yt

Past Live Stream:

James Davenport | Taking the Long View: When Discovery Takes Decades | May 13, 2021

Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein | Awful Astro Acronyms: Flipping the Script with FYPS | April 8, 2021

Denis Vida | The Global Meteor Network – a planet-sized scientific instrument | March 11, 2021

Ian Sullivan | Catching Rainbows: How Astronomers Can Use The Atmosphere To Turn Black And White Images Into Color | Feb 11, 2021

Ed Lu | Charting the High Frontier of Space | Dec 10, 2020

Siegfried Eggl | Avoiding Armageddon: Asteroid Deflection and Planetary Defense | Nov 12, 2020

Keaton Bell | Sounding the Depths of Stars | Oct 8, 2020

Stephen Portillo | Computer, Enhance! | Sep 10, 2020

Emily Levesque | The Last Stargazers | Aug 6, 2020

Meredith Rawls | It’s a Star, it’s a Galaxy, it’s… Starlink? | July 23, 2020

Željko Ivezić | The Greatest Movie of All Time | June 9, 2020

James Davenport | Searching for the Most Mysterious Stars in Our Galaxy | May 28, 2020