DIRAC Summer Fellows Program

The DIRAC Institute is excited to announce its initial Summer Fellows Program. The fellows program is designed to provide students from across the country with the opportunity to learn a broad range of machine learning and image analysis techniques by working with DIRAC Institute researchers and software engineers on problems related to data intensive astrophysics. The goal of this program is to enable graduates students to learn the skills that are not easily addressed by current astrophysics graduate programs and to bring these skills back to their host institute. Over a six week period in the summer we students will be exposed to a range of analysis techniques, tutorial sessions,  software and algorithmic skills, and to interleave hands-on applications using current astronomical data sets. We expect this experience to enhance a students research when they return to their home institute.
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Graduate students attending a summer school program in statistics, machine learning,
and astrophysics hosted at the University of Washington

You don’t need to be an expert in data science to apply to join us at the DIRAC Institute as part of the Summer Fellows program. You just need to be excited to learn about new techniques, new approaches to analyzing astronomical data, and willing to try new ideas.
The first program will begin in the summer of 2020 and will run for 6 weeks. The DIRAC Institute will cover students travel and living costs while working at the University of Washington. The Fellows program is open to any graduate student in the US in the first three years of their graduate career. Preference will be given to those students from universities who do not have a strong background in computational or data intensive astrophysics.
Applications for the Fellows Program will open in February 2020.